LuminFusion Dragon

In the state of daylight, the dragon is hidden underwater, gathering strength. In its luminous state, it reveals itself like a dragon in the field, with the carbon fiber luminous case emitting a green luminescence. ROMAGO’s design team has always been interested in traditional Chinese feng shui. In addition to incorporating the brand’s signature “round heaven and square earth” concept, this design also incorporates the first and second hexagrams of the Book of Changes (I Ching), blending them into the overall design. This timepiece is not just a tool for telling time but also an accessory symbolizing power and wisdom. Wearing it, you will feel the strength and rhythm of the dragon, filling every moment with confidence. This limited edition watch is limited to 200 pieces worldwide, priced at USD 4,780. Own this timepiece now, dance with the dragon, and embrace the auspiciousness and good fortune it brings!


    Swiss Automatic Mov’t

  • CASE

    46.5mm diameter
    15.9mm thickness
    luminous carbon fiber
    Sapphire Crystal


    24mm width Rubber

  • DIAL

    36.3mm diameter


    5 ATM

  • Power reserve

    36 hours

  • Weight


    2 years


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